Welcome everyone to my August newsletter which will be about one of my favorite topics! I am excited to take you through some major technique advancements when it comes to dermal fillers injections, possibly the most requested procedure at my practice.

Dermal fillers offer many applications:

  1. Lip shaping and volume
  2. Cheek volume
  3. Wrinkle correction
  4. Skin rejuvenation

But using a micro-cannula all these procedures and more can be offered with less risk of bruising and swelling…

Have any of you heard of a micro-cannula?  I hope to give you some valuable insight into this popular treatment and to explain why I believe it is the greatest non-surgical anti-ageing option.

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The benefits are massive and micro-cannulas are revolutionizing dermal filler techniques, but a word of caution. Micro-cannula techniques are only for experienced doctors so please make sure to check the credentials of your doctor before undergoing any aesthetic procedure.

What are the benefits of using a micro-cannula vs. a needle?

First: The blunt tip

A needle causes trauma as it enters the body, this leads to risk of bruising and pain. The micro-cannula is blunt so trauma is greatly reduced.

A second benefit of micro-cannula treatments is that micro-cannulas are highly polished:
This means that the flow of the product is smooth and in controlled hands treatment accuracy is improved.

A less risk, more accurate dermal filler treatment! What more could you ask for.

Perhaps my most favourite benefit from injecting dermal fillers with a micro-cannula is that treatments can now be performed using fewer skin punctures.

A micro-cannula offers both you and me advantages:

  • Convincing results with low levels of pain and tissue trauma
  • Low risk of bruising and swelling
  • Individual treatment plan
  • No downtime
  • Ease of injection


images (3)

A micro-cannula is longer than a needle and has multiple length options available. This means I could possible treat:

  • A tear trough
  • Midface (cheek)
  • Cheek skin rejuvenation

Another common area for multiple treatments via a single entry point is the lips:
by making a single entry on the outside of the lips, I can now, using a a micro-cannula:

  • Add volume to the upper lip
  • Add volume to the lower lip
  • Define the lip border on the upper lip
  • Define the lip border on the lower lip
  • Treat the corners of the mouth

All that from a sinle entry each side. Not bad, where in the past that same protocol would involve at least 12 injection sites.

In the past we had limited success with:

  • Tear troughs
  • Temples

But today, the rejuvenation procedure covers many more areas:

  • Lips
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Tear troughs
  • Cheeks

These areas were notoriously difficulty to treat due to the thin skin and many vessels. Now we can accurately treat these areas with minimal risk and fill out hollow temples or remove dark circles and bags from under the eyes.

A comfortable treatment too…
Due to the lack of trauma the only discomfort reported by patients during a micro-cannula treatment is the entrance hole being made with a traditional needle.

The treatment duration is the same, the long lasting results are the same, and you simply have less pain and downtime.



What is a micro-cannula?

Well first off a cannula is a thin metal tube that is often used in Liposuction and fat transfer to either remove fat or re-inject fat.

A micro-cannula is a specifically designed hollow tube for the injection of dermal fillers.

Micro-cannulas come in varying sizes and lengths. This is to allow the correct size cannula and length to be used in conjunction with the matching dermal filler product and treatment area.

Many people are put off when they first see a micro-cannula. This is because they look like they are thicker than a traditional needle.

This is simply the length playing tricks on the eye. All the micro-cannulas I use match the gauge sizes of the dermal filler equivalent needle.

I’m sure you will agree that micro-cannulas are the future of dermal filler injecting. They were designed to improve patient satisfaction and result accuracy.

The choice in micro-cannula will be discussed with you during the consultation.

A dermal filler treatment with a micro-cannula is just the same as with a needle. The preparation is identical; the only difference is method of application.

Micro-cannula tips are flexible! This is why only experienced doctors should use them, as control can be an issue.

In experienced hands however this flexibility allows for easy insertion into the tissues and therefore reduces the risk of bruising and swelling further.


I hope you enjoyed this newsletter about micro-cannulas and the advancements in dermal filler injection technique.

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