This month on my newsletter I want to talk about all the treatments and the procedures that will make you look even more amazing and ready for summer! I will talk about teeth whitening, dermal fillers, Botox and microneedling.

I have spoken about these topics before on my Facebook page and my blog but I thought that since the warmer months are here and we all want to undergo a little bit of a makeover, why not do a recap for you to know what options are available to your to look your best!?

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One of the first things that people notice in a person when they meet you for the first time is your smile. First impressions last so maybe you should ask yourself if your yellow teeth make you self-conscious.

While the latest laser technology is relatively inexpensive, the professional whitening gel procedure is the most cost effective option and does not damage your teeth.

In order to extend the longevity of newly whitened teeth, I highly recommend that you follow the instructions below.

  • At-home follow-up or maintenance whitening – implemented immediately or performed as infrequently as twice / three- / four times a year, depending on your habits
  • Avoiding dark-coloured foods and beverages for at least 2 days after whitening.
  • Whenever possible, sipping dark-coloured beverages with a straw.
  • Practicing excellent oral hygiene – brushing and flossing after meals and at bedtime.
  • Using a whitening toothpaste

The procedure takes a total of 2 hours and includes:

  • A general assessment of the teeth, viability of whitening and pointing out any problematic areas.
  • A professional cleaning of the teeth done by a dental professional
  • Preparation of the teeth, enclosing of all the soft tissue and possible sensitive / problematic areas on the teeth
  • 4 sessions of 15 minutes each – exposure under the laser!
  • Post whitening instructions
  • An at home post whitening maintenance kit, to maintain your white teeth



Now I want to talk about the use of dermal fillers at my practice. They make for very effective, safe and reliable treatments with long-term results and a very high patient satisfaction rate.

With dermal fillers I can:

    • Smooth away facial lines and wrinkles
    • Create fuller lips
    • Shape facial contours, such as cheeks and chin
    • In more recent times I use dermal fillers to revitalize the skin

The most common treatment areas for dermal fillers:

  • Nose to mouth lines (the nasolabial folds)
  • Between the eyebrows (the glabella lines)
  • Lips (adding volume and shape)
  • Cheek augmentation
  • Skin rejuvenation

Dermal filler skin rejuvenation treatments are effective in reversing the damage caused by photo-aging particularly in those difficult to treat areas that ‘give away’ your age, such as:

    •  Neck
    • Décolletage
    • Backs of your hands.

And of course everyone wants to have young and beautiful looking skin all year long but especially in summer, when you show more skin than usual, it can be a really great asset!

Lip fillers will usually last 6-9 months while nose and mouth areas are expected to last 9-12 months. The dermal filler is gradually broken down and absorbed by the body. If no further top-up treatments are done the wrinkles and lines will return to their previous appearance.


Now I would like to talk about Botulinum toxin, which, I am sure, you have heard of before? Maybe you’ve already had Botulinum Toxin (Botox®, Dysport) before or know someone who has?

With this product, I can:

  • Soften wrinkles
  • Reshape eyebrows
  • Reshape lips
  • Treat excessive sweating
  • Reshape the nose

The most common area of treatment is frown lines of the forehead. But Botulinum toxin may also be used to treat numerous areas including:

    • Smokers lines
    • Crow’s feet
    • Nasal reshaping
    • Excessive sweating
    • Migraines

The list is continually growing and I will continue to study new techniques and applications to keep you at the forefront of modern aesthetic medicine.
If you could wish for an aesthetic treatment where and what would it be?

Although the results are easily visible, a Botulinum toxin treatment will not radically change your appearance or make you look as if you “had work done.” The muscle activity that causes wrinkles is simply reduced.

There is no recovery period and no down-time after a Botulinum toxin treatment. You can go directly back to your normal activities, which is so convenient for you to squeeze an appointment in your busy schedule!

The Botulinum toxin will wear off in an estimated four months, and returning patients can be in and out within minutes. Great news to maintain the younger looking you.


Have you ever heard of skin needling? It is a great rejuvenating procedure that I offer at my Bedfordview practice. I will tell you what it is, who it is for and how it can transform your skin.

You can also book a skin needling treatment with me at Bedfordview. This treatment combines well with Chemical Peels too for ultimate skin rejuvenation.

Microneedling, also known as Facial Mesotherapy and Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) involves using a digital hand-piece infused with multiple, fine-pointed needles on the skin’s surface to stimulate its own regenerative properties and rejuvenate it.

Some techniques also involve handheld needling, but as technology develops so too does technique. At my practice I utilise the latest Vee Way needling technology.

Mesotherapy can be defined as a series of micro-injections of a cocktail of vitamins, serums, medication or amino acids into the middle dermal layer of the skin. Its purpose is to heal and reverse skin ageing and damage.

When small amounts of serums are injected into the skin, via needling techniques, the blood flow automatically increases to the treated area. This increases nutrition and oxygen to the site. This also improves lymphatic drainage and removes toxins in the skin.

NOTE: This technique can also be effective when treating cellulite.

During the Microneedling session, I use a sterile needle grouping and mechanically stimulate the epidermis and the top layer of the dermis. This, in turns, tells your brain to send collagen to the injured site in order to repair it.  This signal creates an abundance of collagen, which will plump up the injured area.

What is left after a needling session? Softer, yet tighter skin.
Your wrinkles, acne scars and other depressed areas will be a lot less noticeable. As an added benefit to skin needling the efficiency of serums and moisturizers is increased as they can now penetrate deeper.

The most exciting element to skin needling is that your skin’s production of new collagen continues for up to 12 months after the procedure.

That’s it for my September newsletter; I hope you found it informative and are now looking even more forward to the warm summer months!

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Welcome everyone to my August newsletter which will be about one of my favorite topics! I am excited to take you through some major technique advancements when it comes to dermal fillers injections, possibly the most requested procedure at my practice.

Dermal fillers offer many applications:

  1. Lip shaping and volume
  2. Cheek volume
  3. Wrinkle correction
  4. Skin rejuvenation

But using a micro-cannula all these procedures and more can be offered with less risk of bruising and swelling…

Have any of you heard of a micro-cannula?  I hope to give you some valuable insight into this popular treatment and to explain why I believe it is the greatest non-surgical anti-ageing option.

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The benefits are massive and micro-cannulas are revolutionizing dermal filler techniques, but a word of caution. Micro-cannula techniques are only for experienced doctors so please make sure to check the credentials of your doctor before undergoing any aesthetic procedure.

What are the benefits of using a micro-cannula vs. a needle?

First: The blunt tip

A needle causes trauma as it enters the body, this leads to risk of bruising and pain. The micro-cannula is blunt so trauma is greatly reduced.

A second benefit of micro-cannula treatments is that micro-cannulas are highly polished:
This means that the flow of the product is smooth and in controlled hands treatment accuracy is improved.

A less risk, more accurate dermal filler treatment! What more could you ask for.

Perhaps my most favourite benefit from injecting dermal fillers with a micro-cannula is that treatments can now be performed using fewer skin punctures.

A micro-cannula offers both you and me advantages:

  • Convincing results with low levels of pain and tissue trauma
  • Low risk of bruising and swelling
  • Individual treatment plan
  • No downtime
  • Ease of injection


images (3)

A micro-cannula is longer than a needle and has multiple length options available. This means I could possible treat:

  • A tear trough
  • Midface (cheek)
  • Cheek skin rejuvenation

Another common area for multiple treatments via a single entry point is the lips:
by making a single entry on the outside of the lips, I can now, using a a micro-cannula:

  • Add volume to the upper lip
  • Add volume to the lower lip
  • Define the lip border on the upper lip
  • Define the lip border on the lower lip
  • Treat the corners of the mouth

All that from a sinle entry each side. Not bad, where in the past that same protocol would involve at least 12 injection sites.

In the past we had limited success with:

  • Tear troughs
  • Temples

But today, the rejuvenation procedure covers many more areas:

  • Lips
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Tear troughs
  • Cheeks

These areas were notoriously difficulty to treat due to the thin skin and many vessels. Now we can accurately treat these areas with minimal risk and fill out hollow temples or remove dark circles and bags from under the eyes.

A comfortable treatment too…
Due to the lack of trauma the only discomfort reported by patients during a micro-cannula treatment is the entrance hole being made with a traditional needle.

The treatment duration is the same, the long lasting results are the same, and you simply have less pain and downtime.



What is a micro-cannula?

Well first off a cannula is a thin metal tube that is often used in Liposuction and fat transfer to either remove fat or re-inject fat.

A micro-cannula is a specifically designed hollow tube for the injection of dermal fillers.

Micro-cannulas come in varying sizes and lengths. This is to allow the correct size cannula and length to be used in conjunction with the matching dermal filler product and treatment area.

Many people are put off when they first see a micro-cannula. This is because they look like they are thicker than a traditional needle.

This is simply the length playing tricks on the eye. All the micro-cannulas I use match the gauge sizes of the dermal filler equivalent needle.

I’m sure you will agree that micro-cannulas are the future of dermal filler injecting. They were designed to improve patient satisfaction and result accuracy.

The choice in micro-cannula will be discussed with you during the consultation.

A dermal filler treatment with a micro-cannula is just the same as with a needle. The preparation is identical; the only difference is method of application.

Micro-cannula tips are flexible! This is why only experienced doctors should use them, as control can be an issue.

In experienced hands however this flexibility allows for easy insertion into the tissues and therefore reduces the risk of bruising and swelling further.


I hope you enjoyed this newsletter about micro-cannulas and the advancements in dermal filler injection technique.

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