Beauty and mathematics

The Universal Golden proportion of beauty


beautiful face 3

What is beauty and who decides? Beauty is universal and has been defined from the times of Nephrititi. It has not changed and is still universally sought out. It boils down to mathematics with symmetrical geometry and the ratio phi. Phi is the universal ratio of 1: 1.168. If you fit into the angles of golden proportion you are seen as beautiful.




Beauty and mathematics

The development of phi 1:1.1618 ratio expresses the divine proportion throughout nature and is seen in architecture, art and in the face and body.

The Greeks defined beauty in the harmonious proportions of the face which they divided into thirds and into a series of triangles. The anterior part of the face is divided into 3 equal parts from the forehead to the eyes, to the upper lip and to the chin. The face is also divided laterally into equal components.


The phi ratio has been developed into a golden mask of proportions which many beautiful people throughout the ages match. Software has even been developed to enhance facial processing thus aiding the creation of a more attractive image which will enable surgeons to enhance patients results.

golden mask 2


Beauty and evolution

Beauty has an evolutionary role to play. To ensure survival of the fittest, beautiful faces are associated with health, vitality and fertility of that person. There is an expectation that that person carries good genes for reproduction.*

The 3 main reproductive signs that make a face attractive are:



Sexual dimorphism

1) Symmetry

It has been shown in studies that general symmetry is seen as attractive. This is a evolutionary adjustment. More symmetrical males have more sexual partners whilst women are attracted to males who are symmetrical during their peak fertility periods.




Studies have shown that people favour an average face as they veer away from too different defining it as not the norm. A study showed that the common criminal was much better looking than your average man. Science says that average faces are easier to recognize and easier to acknowledge.

average faces


3)Sexual dimorphism: signifies the differences between the 2 sexes.

Female signs of femininity are: evenly toned skin, full lips, narrow eyebrows, high cheekbones which especially expresses youthfulness and a head full of hair.

Male characteristics include a tanned even toned skin, prominent ridges above the eye brows, square jaws, square chin, flatter eyebrows and slightly narrower eyes and a thinner upper lip.

It is important for practitioners to recognize the above universal proportions and principles for optimal achievement of a natural look and patient satisfaction to be guaranteed and this must be related to gender.


3 areas need to be focused on when treating for universal beauty but still tailoring your treatment for the specific patient

The female lip


Enhancing female cheek bones

And in males augmenting the male jaw line and chin.


Enhancement of the cheek bones is in my experience over the last 8 years such an overlooked area of treatment. Most ladies just want the nasolablial lines around the mouth treated. We forget as we age that a sunken cheek area can take 5 years off your age. By enhancing your cheek bones it increases your beauty and femininity according to the phi proportions. It gives more volume to the cheek area giving the illusion of a face lift.


The lips in females are another overlooked area, but subtlety here is key. The filler I use from restylane is a very light one giving a refreshed, moisturised, rejuvenated look. It only lasts for 6 m- 9 months as we use our lips continuously by talking and the filler removes itself quicker from areas of active muscle movement.

The key proportions of phi play a huge role here with the upper lip to lower lip ratio being 1:1.1618. This means that our upper lip is smaller than the lower lip and we must add volume to the lower lip to achieve a natural looking lip while rather contouring the deficiencies in the top lip such as the cupids bow and the outline of the lip. Otherwise it looks lopsisded. Lookout for many actresses who have got this wrong by overfilling the top lip. No wonder patients are scared to try fill their lips!!




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